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Pneumatic Vacuum Switch Controls Equipment and Saves Power

Pneumatic Vacuum Switch Controls Equipment and Saves Power

An all-pneumatic vacuum switch that is totally compatible with standard compressed air components to regulate vacuum levels in automation systems is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Pneumatic Vacuum Switches feature a robust thermoplastic design with several mounting holes for integration into any compressed-air operated vacuum automation system. Easy to operate, users simply turn the knob to the desired vacuum level setting and the switch will control valves to automatically maintain vacuum levels in all pneumatic air saver systems.

Suitable for a wide range of vacuum system automation applications, ANVER Pneumatic Vacuum Switches can save compressed air by stopping the flow when the desired vacuum level is reached and can control auxiliary equipment such as alarm systems and warning lights. Standard features include push to connect fittings and threaded vacuum ports at both ends.

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