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Single-Stage Air-Powered Vacuum Pumps
CV, CV-CK Series

ANVER C-CV and C-CVK Series Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

ANVER CV and CV-CK Series Vacuum Generators are maintenance-free vacuum pumps ideally suited for all pick and place material handling applications. With a machined aluminum body, brass internal nozzles, and compact design, these vacuum pumps can be an economical and reliable choice for your material handling needs.

The CV-CK Series Single-Stage Vacuum Generators provide the same reliable features as the basic CV Series Vacuum Generator, but include a mechanical vacuum switch for maximum control.

CV Venturi Generator CV-CK Venturi with Vacuum Switch J Series
ANVER C-CV Series Single Stage Vacuum Generators
Basic Single-Stage Vacuum 
Generators: CV Series

ANVER C-CVK Single Stage Vacuum Generators with Mechanical Vacuum Switch
Basic Single-Stage Vacuum 
Generators with
Mechanical Vacuum Switch CV-CK Series

Single Stage Vacuum Pumps
Overview of J-Series Single-Stage
Vacuum Pumps 


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