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High Flow Reinforced Plastic Vacuum Hose
FT Series

FTSVF Series

High strength fiber reinforced PVC hose cover bonded to coated spring steel helix. The FT Series Vacuum Hose offers excellent flexibility for use with vacuum pad attachments that require bending in tight areas.

Excellent for all commercial or industrial vacuum handling applications where medium to high vacuum flow is required. The flexibility of the hose makes it suitable for “high bend” applications without wall collapse under vacuum. Due to its flexibility, this hose shrinks along its length under vacuum; therefore, hose clamps are required.


Vacuum: 29″ Hg


Temperature: -20° to 150°F (-29° to 66°C)


Color: Grey or Black


Note: Available by the inch up to 600″ (50 ft) spools. For RFQs, please specify inches when entering quantity.

Product Photo
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Item Number Inside Diameter
Features Fittings
for Hose
for Hose
ANVER Hose, Wire Reinforced 1" ID Grey FTSVF100 FTSVF100 1

Wire Reinforced, Grey

ANVER Hose, Wire Reinforced 1-1/4" ID Grey FTSVF125 FTSVF125
Wire Reinforced, Grey
ANVER Hose, Wire Reinforced 1-1/2" ID Grey FTSVF125 FTSVF150
Wire Reinforced, Grey
Product Photo Item Number Inside Diameter Features Fittings Clamps
ANVER Hose, Wire Reinforced 2" ID Grey FTSVF125 FTSVF200 2
Wire Reinforced, Grey
ANVER Hose, Wire Reinforced 2-1/2" ID Grey FTSVF250 FTSVF250
Wire Reinforced, Grey
ANVER Hose, Wire Reinforced, 3" I.D., Grey FTSVF300 FTSVF300 3
Wire Reinforced, Grey N/A N/A