Vacuum Valves for Industrial Applications
A Variety of High Quality Vacuum Valves for Vacuum Applications

Choose from a wide selection of vacuum valves, including vented vacuum ball valves, vacuum slide valves, miniature ball valves, vacuum flow sensing sensing valves, vacuum relief valves, and our new vacuum check valves.

New Vacuum Check Valves

Small 2-way Valves Safety Lock, Vented Valves In-line Slide Valves

Vacuum Check Valves
1/4″ to 2″ NPT

Miniature Vacuum Ball Valves
Miniature Vacuum Ball Valves

Vented Vacuum Ball Valves
Vented, Locking
Vacuum Ball Valves

Slide Valves

High Flow Relief Valves

Low Flow Relief Valves Flow Sensitive Valves Suction Cup Valves

Vacuum Relief Valves
1″to 3″
Vacuum Relief Valves

Miniature Vacuum Relief Valves
1/2″ and 3/4″
Vacuum Relief Valves

Automatic and Mechanical Sensing Valves for Universal Series Vacuum Cups
Special Flow Sensing Valves

 for Vacuum Cup Shut-off

ANVER Flat Vacuum Cups with Valves
Flat Vacuum Cups
with Valves