Powered Vacuum Lifters
Custom Vertical Vacuum Lifters and Lifting Frames — Lifts Upright Loads from the Side

Vertical Lifting
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EZV-3X3 Vertical
Lifting Adapter

Vertical Lifters for Handling Loads Upright

These are quality, U.S. made vacuum lifters that feature rugged construction and quality components designed to load panels off near-vertical racks and onto other near-vertical tables. They are similar to standard horizontal lifters, but they are designed to handle upright loads. Vertical lifters are designed with a four to one (4 to 1) safety factor on vacuum holding with special non-skid vacuum cups. While these vacuum lifters are priced higher than a horizontal vacuum lifter, they are much less expensive than a powered tilter. Vertical vacuum lifters offer quick attach and release functionality and offer damage-free handling. They can be just the handling tool your factory needs.

To inquire about custom vertical vacuum lifters, please contact an ANVER Sales Engineer for assistance.

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Electric Powered Vertical Vacuum Lifters


Air Powered Vertical Vacuum Lifters


 Vertical Vacuum Lifters with Powered Rotation


Vertical Vacuum Lifters with Manual Rotation