VM Series Lift Systems – Low Flow  (Small Compact Loads)
Integrated Ergonomic Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System


ANVER VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting systems are fully integrated vacuum lifting systems designed for fast, safe, one person handling of small, compact objects.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other vacuum lifters, there are no large remote pumps, motors and vacuum supply hoses to install, festoon and maintain. An ANVER compressed air venturi vacuum generator produces the vacuum for attaching to the load.

Compact Design

The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System requires only 29 in. (736 mm) of headroom. The standard lift length is 9 ft. 2 in. (2.8 m). Lower headrooms and longer lift lengths are available. Standard system lifting capacities range from 275 to 550 lb (125 to 250 kg).

Easy-to-use, Ergonomic Controls

The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System features ergonomic controls that are fully integrated and mounted on the control handle. Up and down movement is controlled by dual rocker type switches for either right or left hand thumb control. Separate push button vacuum release valves detach the load. A vacuum gauge that indicates system vacuum level is mounted on the control for monitoring by the operator.

Continuous Attachment

Attachment to the load is continuous for maximum productivity. As is common with hoist based lifting units, the system is suitable for one or two lifts per minute. (For higher speed applications, an ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lift System should be considered).

Dual Speed Chain Hoist

Dual hoist speeds provide maximum productivity in most lifting applications. The integrated chain hook suspension allows precise positioning of the load.

Overload and Power Loss Protection

A built-in slip-clutch in the first stage gear prevents hoist overload. A vacuum check valve holds the load in case of power loss. 


The system combines the features of a vacuum lifter with those of a hoist and can be used for either purpose. The switchover is easy and takes only a few seconds. A built-in slip clutch stops the lifter if the system is overloaded. The vacuum pad quick-disconnect feature is standard and allows for fast pad attachment changeovers for greater load handling versatility.

Wide Application

The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System is ideal for handling non- to semi-porous objects within arm’s reach of the operator. A VM Vacuum Hoist system is well suited for repetitive production line material handling tasks such as loading product into boxes. Quick release couplings make it easy to change the vacuum lift head for greater versatility.

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