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Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Safely Handles Compact Heavy Loads

A fully integrated vacuum-hoist lifter that features a new two-button release control to let one person safely handle compact heavy loads such as batteries is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VM-Series Lifter is a hoist-based, vacuum powered unit that can be equipped with standard and custom vacuum pads to pick-up compact heavy loads having restricted gripping surfaces. Allowing one person to safely handle these loads, this lifter features a two-button, two-hand release control and a VLS-08 Vacuum Loss Sensor for positive leak detection.

Available with 275- and 550 lb. hoist capacity, the ANVER VM-Series Lifter is ideal for lifting compact heavy loads in and out of boxes and for repetitive assembly operations. The vacuum head uses compressed air and the Venturi principle for holding the load and the electric chain hoist provides secure up/down movement to maintain its position with no drift when stopped.

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