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Vacuum Lifter for Precision Coil Handling

An air-powered, below-the-hook vacuum lifter that is designed for lifting precision metal coils up to 4 ft. dia. from the skid to the winding machine is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VPFL-4 Air-Powered Vacuum Lifter has an “X” frame with adjustable suction pads and spring suspensions to accommodate and grip precision metal coils up to 4 ft. dia. without damage.  Featuring a circular perimeter guard for added protection, this below-the-hook lifter provides continuous vacuum to the suction pads and has an adjustable handle with integrated controls.

Designed for safety, the ANVER VPFL-4 Air-Powered Vacuum Lifter is equipped with a VLS-8 Vacuum Loss Sensor that sets itself to the vacuum system’s peak vacuum level and displays it on an LCD right in front of the operator.  Powered independently by a 9V lithium battery, if a 10% vacuum loss or leak- age occurs, it will sound a loud horn and flash a bright LED warning light.