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Vacuum Lifter Handles Flimsy Loads

A new air-powered vacuum lifter that lets one person handle foam, rubber, plastic, composite, and thin wood sheet for feeding cutting tables and other equipment is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VPFL-4 Air-Powered Lifter for flimsy loads has main beams and cross bars sized as necessary, and multiple vacuum suction cups with top and bottom spring suspensions to hold securely and provide full X-Y-Z adjustability. Featuring an adjustable handlebar and integrated controls, this lifter lets one person handle loads previously requiring several people.

Capable of handling moderately porous to non-porous loads, the ANVER VPFL-4 Air-Powered Lifter is a below-the-hook unit that runs on standard shop air. It requires only 8” of head room and is available with parking stands to protect the vacuum cups. Standard features include an air filter, vacuum check valve, vacuum gauge, and a leakage sensor with audio-visual alarms.