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Vacuum Lifter Prevents Damage to Cylindrical Loads

A below-the-hook, pneumatic vacuum lifter that picks up pipe, rod, and other cylindrical loads from the top surface and eliminates blocking, bending, and sagging has been introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, MA.

The ANVER VPFL Electric-Powered Vacuum Lifter for cylindrical loads features rectangular suction pads that adjust to the curvature of the top surface and two alignment guides for easy attachment. Equipped with an adjustable handlebar to accommodate loads of varying widths, this ergonomic lifter lets one person handle cylindrical loads without blocking, chains, and slings while providing full support lengthwise to prevent bending and sagging.

Suitable for handling cylindrical loads up to 2,000 lbs., the ANVER VPFL Electric-Powered Vacuum Lifter can include a wide variety of rectangular suction pads made from different materials. Standard features include the VLS-8 Vacuum Loss Sensor that sounds a loud horn and flashes a bright LED warning light if vacuum loss or leakage occurs. Applications include feeding machining centers and maneuvering long plastic pipe or rod.