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Custom Vacuum Lifter Picks Up Loads from the Inside

A new, below-the-hook vacuum lifter that features C-frame construction with an adjustable bail for picking up loads from the inside, where the top is inaccessible, is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER Custom C-Frame Vacuum Lifter was developed for handling loads from the inside and includes an adjustable bail for achieving the proper balance. Featuring an attach/release valve, a check valve to maintain vacuum, and a vacuum gauge, this compact electric powered vacuum lifter lets the operator put the load down safely in case of a power failure.

Suitable for a variety of assembly and packaging tasks, the ANVER Custom C-Frame Vacuum Lifter conforms to ASME Standard B30-20a for vacuum lifting devices and has a continuously running vacuum pump that lets it perform well on slightly porous material. Applications include cabinets, instrument enclosures, architectural panels, glass, and windows.

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