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Vacuum Lifter with Side Grips Features Powered Rotation for Large Loads

A new vacuum lifter that provides powered rotation in both directions and custom anti-skid side grippers for handling large, bulky loads requiring rotation is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER PROT Series Side Grip Powered Rotator is a vacuum lifter with motorized, powered rotation in both directions that can be locked in place and operated from a single pendant control. Featuring custom made side grippers with anti-skid suction pads to securely handle up to 2,000 lbs., depending upon the load, this fully integrated vacuum lifter-rotator has adjustable cross arms for accommodating loads up to 12 ft wide.

Developed for lifting assembled equipment from conveyors to packaging systems requiring loads to be turned upside down, the ANVER PROT Series Side Grip Powered Rotator can be manufactured with suction pads made of different rubbers and sizes to match customer requirements. Typical applications include appliance assembly, inspection and packaging, and handling HVAC units, instrumentation, cabinetry, and bulk containers.