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Custom Vacuum Lifter Picks Up Loads from the Inside

A new vacuum lifter-flipper for removing large stampings and fiberglass or rotationally molded parts from a mold and turning them upside down for the next process is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER Vacuum Lifter-Flipper features an offset beam that has suction cups for gripping a large tub-like item from the inside and is powered for turning it 90 degrees for placement onto a table or into another process. Permitting one person to remove a large item from a mold, upend it, and rotate it 360 degrees, this combination lifter, tilter, and rotator eliminates straps and hooks that can damage surfaces and saves labor.

Custom built to match exact user requirements, the ANVER Vacuum Lifter-Flipper can incorporate a variety of suction pad materials for handling hot products, along with different configurations. The offset is offered in varying lengths and can be balanced if necessary. Powered by 115VAC or compressed air, typical users include outdoor architectural specialty pool fabricators, plastics rotational molders, and fiberglass boat builders.

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