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Air Operated Vacuum Pumps Evacuate Smoke and Transfer Materials

ANVER Air Operated Vacuum Pumps Evacuate Smoke and Transfer Materials

A full line of vacuum flow-through and transfer pumps that are powered by compressed air and are virtually maintenance-free because they have no moving parts is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Flow Tubes are precision air-powered vacuum pumps that feature a smooth, straight-through bore to let materials transfer at high speeds without clogging. Eliminating moving parts which can overheat or break down, these maintenance-free pumps are designed for in-line installation and can achieve flow rates between 10 to 145 SCFM (283 to 4106 l/min.).

Available in 8 fixed and adjustable models with bore sizes from ¼ ” to 1” (6.35 to 25.4 mm), ANVER Flow Tubes are machined from aluminum, have an anodized finish, and their output flow and material transfer speed can be infinitely controlled by regulating the input air pressure. Applications include smoke evacuation, material transfer, and parts conveying.

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