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Air Transfer Tubes Match Product, Flow Requirements

Air Transfer Tubes Match Product, Flow Requirements

A full line of air-operated transfer tubes for pneumatic conveying, hopper- and bulk loading, dust- and trim waste removal, and related applications is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER TT Series Transfer Tubes are air-powered and provide an effective, maintenance-free method for conveying materials at high speed. Featuring a smooth bore that lets materials pass freely without clogging, they operate using the Venturi principle which creates a powerful vacuum from compressed air and are offered in several sizes to match product and flow requirements.

Designed to instantaneously provide air movement the moment compressed air is applied, ANVER TT Series Transfer Tubes’ transfer speed and output can be infinitely controlled by regulating the input air pressure. Available in sizes from 0.375” to 1.0” I.D., with 15 to 95 SCFM air flow, these compact transfer tubes use no gaskets or O-rings and are explosion proof.

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