Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum TiltersBottling Grabs
Feature Air-Powered Bladders

A full line of bottle pick-up heads that grab bottles gently by the neck and provide instant attach and release for use in high-speed automation systems is available from ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Bottling Grabs feature air-powered internal bladders that pick up bottles gently by the neck, from the top, and attach and release in milli-seconds. Available in a variety of rubber and urethane compounds, the grabs require only 15 psi compressed air, operate in a closed circuit controlled by standard pneumatic logic valves, and consume virtually no air.

Compatible with all major lines of bottling and packaging systems including Krones® and Kettner®, ANVER Bottling Grabs are totally field-serviceable by hand and are ideal for handling soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, food, pharmaceuticals, and chemical containers.  The durable heads are made from a combination of high impact plastic, aluminum, and metal parts.

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