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Vacuum Check Valves Improve Vacuum System Performance

Vacuum Check Valves Improve Vacuum System Performance

A new line of leak-proof, one-way vacuum check valves that are designed for all vacuum system applications requiring the prevention of vacuum loss is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.


ANVER CheckVac Valves are constructed from a one-piece, seamless aluminum body and plastic valve element that snaps into place and has an O-ring seal. Featuring low cracking pressure and a smooth bore, they provide up to a 4X better flow rate than typical check valves made for compressed air systems. This increased flow rate permits the use of smaller vacuum pumps.


Optimizing system performance by not wasting the vacuum pump’s power opening the check valve, ANVER CheckVac Valves are spring loaded and can operate in any orientation. Offered in sizes from ¼” thru 2” NPT, their precision internal plastic valve with stainless steel springs eliminates corrosion from water contamination.

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