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Vacuum Lifter Feeds Sheet or Plate Lengthwise

A new, side-oriented vacuum sheet and plate lifter that is designed to let users feed sheet or plate into machinery lengthwise, from end-to-end, is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VPF-57 Side-Oriented Vacuum Lifter lets an operator feed large sheet or plate into presses and other equipment from the narrower end. Featuring an adjustable, telescoping arm assembly that slides into the beam and is counterbalanced for smooth operation, it is ideal for applications where the stacked sheet or plate is only accessible from the end.

Designed for below-the-hook installation, the ANVER VPF-57 Side-Oriented Vacuum Lifter is available as electric- or air-powered with pad configurations suitable for lifting sheet or plate up to 8 x 20 ft. Standard features include handlebar controls with a vacuum gauge in sight, an integrated vacuum guard system with check valves, and an audio-visual alarm.

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