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Vacuum Cup Assemblies Improve Automation Equipment Efficiency

Assemblies Improve Automation Efficiency

A line of vacuum suction cup assemblies that are only activated when they touch an object and remain normally-closed to prevent air loss if nothing is present is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Push-In Valve Vacuum Cup Assemblies feature Delrin® probes that protrude slightly from the center and touch an object first to open the vacuum flow; providing instant attach and release. Designed for high cycle pick-and-place applications, they improve automation equipment efficiency by preventing air loss when there is nothing under the suction cup.

Allowing objects to be selectively picked up, ANVER Push-In Valve Vacuum Cup Assemblies reduce air consumption in equipment where a large bank of suction cups are connected to a single manifold. Flat suction cups with these valve assemblies are offered in 10 sizes from 1.26” (30mm) to 5.98” (150 mm) O.D. and come in a variety of materials.

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