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Powered Vacuum Lifter
For Unloading and Reorienting Doors

ANVER Battery Powered Vacuum Lifter with Fork Lift Frame for Handling Sheet and Plate

A new vacuum lifter that provides full manual rotation and powered tilting for unloading doors which are stacked on their side and reorienting them is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER PF Series Door Lifter/Tilter is a below-the-hook vacuum lifter with an integrated pendant control on the handlebar which is removable and provides full up-down and attach-release. Featuring 360° manual rotation, 90° powered tilting, and two narrow rectangular pad assemblies that adjust along a cross beam, it is especially designed for unloading and reorienting doors with large open sections and narrow access points.

Suitable for doors, windows, and other large panels with restricted access, the ANVER PF Series Door Lifter/Tilter is available in models powered by compressed air or 115 VAC; with 250-, 500-, or 2,000 lbs. capacities. Standard features include vacuum reservoirs, vacuum loss sensors, audible and visual alarms, and a wide selection of suction cups.

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