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Handle 5-Gallon Pails with Ease

ANVER Ergonomic Lifter Handles 5-Gallon Pails with Ease

An easy-to-operate ergonomic vacuum lifter designed for handling 5-gallon pails and other small loads, without creating back, neck, and shoulder strain is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER VT Series Mini-Tube Vacuum Lifters are lightweight, easy-to-operate, and feature up/down controls on the handle which can be adjusted to match a user’s hand strength. Equipped with a 6 in. (152 mm) diameter rubber vacuum pad attachment for handling 5-gallon pails, they require minimal operator training and include a quick-disconnect for accepting a wide variety of other types of vacuum pads.

Eliminating the twisting of wrists, push-pulling of locked-in fingers, and unnatural motions or straining which can contribute to repetitive stress injuries, ANVER VT Series Mini-Tube Vacuum Lifters have a 360° swivel on top for unrestricted rotation. These compact ergonomic lifters provide a 100% duty cycle for fast pick-up and have an 80 lb (36 kg)  lifting capacity.

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