ANVER Vacuum Cups and Suction CupsVacuum Suction Cups
ESD-Safe Suction Cups for Component and PC Board EOAT

A full line of ESD-safe vacuum suction cups for EOAT (end of arm tooling) used in the assembly and manufacture of a wide range of electronic devices is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER NOMASTAT® ESD Vacuum Suction Cups feature a 97 KΩ*cm @500V static dissipating value and are molded from a proprietary elastomer that can withstand up to 400°F. Designed for EOAT in virtually all automation and handling processes, these ESD-safe suction cups are available in flat-, single-, and multi-bellows shapes in standard sizes from 1/8” to 2” O.D.

Effective anywhere static buildup is a problem and in explosion-proof environments, ANVER NOMASTAT® ESD Vacuum Suction Cups are interchangeable with most other manufacturers’ cups. Applications include pick-and-place equipment for manufacturing phones, circuit boards, and other devices.

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