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Powered Vacuum Lift-Tilter
Feeds Plywood Sheets Into Vertical Saw

A compressed air-powered vacuum lift-tilter that lets one person easily load and unload plywood sheets into a vertical saw from a horizontal rack or pallet is available from Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The VPF-57 AIR Series Vacuum Lifter and EZ-Tilt Adapter let one person easily pick up plywood sheets, and feature the added capability of manually tilting the sheet for loading into a vertical saw. A large front handlebar makes maneuvering the load easy and the adapter’s knuckle design offers a mechanical advantage to minimize the effort required for tilting the load.

Designed for use with a wide variety of interchangeable pad attachments, the VPF-57 AIR Series Vacuum Lifter can be used with a standard factory hoist. The vacuum generator has no moving parts or rubber gaskets to wear out, and incorporates front- mounted gauges, a vacuum check valve and a reservoir to help assure safe handling if the air supply is interrupted.

The VPF-57 AIR Series Vacuum Lifter equipped with an EZ-Tilt Adapter is priced from according to capacity.

Literature and price quotations are available on request.

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