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Foam Seal Vacuum Cups Handle Tread-Plate, Rough Surfaces

A new vacuum lifting suction pad assembly that is designed to handle steel or aluminum treadplate and conform to rough plastic, fiberglass, or wood surfaces is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Small Foam Seal Vacuum Pads are molded from black Delrin® and feature foam inserts that securely fit into the pads and are offered in several softness grades to conform to the surface of the material being handled. Designed for lifting steel and aluminum treadplate and other rough surfaces, the foam inserts wear well and can be changed in less than a minute.

Available in a 3.78” dia. (96 mm) size with a 35 lb. (16 kg) rated load capacity at 22” Hg vacuum, when used in a horizontal plane and based on a 2X safety factor, ANVER Small Foam Seal Vacuum Pads come with a double female NPT ⅛” or G ⅛” coupling which makes them ready to screw into the firm’s ⅛” suspensions. Actual capacity depends upon the load surface and vacuum generating system.

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