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High Capacity Vacuum Lifters with Oversized Pads Fully Support Loads

Mechanical Vacuum Lifter easily handles sheet and plate

Custom configured high capacity vacuum lifters for fully supporting large, flat loads such as concrete panels, aluminum tread plate, and hot rolled steel are being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER High Capacity Vacuum Lifters are custom built featuring rectangular pads up to 18″ x 34″ (46 x 86 cm) with 3,200 lb. (1452 kg) capacity each for handling large loads where full support is necessary to minimize flexing and potential load cracking. Available with rubber or foam seals for handling smooth or rough surfaces, these oversized pads can be configured to cover a very large surface area.

Providing custom solutions for handling large, flat panels weighing up to 60,000 lb. (27,216 kg), ANVER High Capacity Vacuum Lifters can be configured with adjustable beams, cross arms and pads. They can include vacuum warning devices, gauges, and can be fully integrated with other lifting equipment. Applications include steel mills, construction sites, and railroad yards.

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