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Custom Vacuum Lifter Handles Porous Loads up to 60″ Diameter

A new, below-the-hook vacuum lifter for large diameter porous loads such as grinding wheels, graphite, composite materials, and fiberglass is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER Custom Porous Loads Vacuum Lifter features a pivoting handlebar that is adjustable and incorporates all vacuum attach and crane controls in a front pendant to let an operator handle loads up to 60” dia. and 500 lbs. Built for safety, this vacuum lifter for big porous loads provides fail-safe pneumatic grabs which engage if there is a vacuum loss and can be equipped with a variety of different vacuum suction pads to match specific loads.

Equipped with a remote 15 HP vacuum station which is available either electric or compressed air powered, the ANVER Custom Porous Loads Vacuum Lifter integrates fully with standard crane systems. The remote vacuum station permits a variety of placement options for this lifter which incorporates a large filter and vacuum blower.

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