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Handle Pails With Top Spouts

A new ergonomic vacuum tube lifter for handling pails and small drums with spouts on top that interfere with conventional vacuum lifter suction cups, is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VT Series Pail Lifter features two kidney-shaped vacuum pads that are fully adjustable to fit pail tops from 11″ up to 20″ (508 mm) dia., and are equipped with AnverFlex™ polyurethane suction cups. Designed for handling pails and small drums with spouts on the center or side of the top, these pad attachments are spring-loaded and fully articulated for a secure grip.

Eliminating the chains and clamps that can damage pails and create hazardous sparks, the ANVER VT Series Pail Lifter provides instant attach and release, a 100% duty cycle, and includes a 360° swivel on top that allows unrestricted rotation. Simple to operate, the up/down controls on this versatile lifter are on the handle and can be adjusted to match a user’s hand strength.

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