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Venturi Vacuum Pumps Deliver High Vacuum at Low Air Flow

A series of high-efficiency, multi-stage air-powered venturi vacuum pumps that are suitable for a wide range of automation, instrumentation, and packaging applications is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, MA.

ANVER Air-MiserTM MSMP-AM Series Vacuum Pumps are multi-stage, air-driven vacuum pumps that will deliver 27″Hg at only 45 psi (3.1 bar) air pressure. Compact and lightweight, these high-efficiency pumps have no moving parts, provide a reliable 100% duty cycle and are offered in five sizes that achieve from 4 to 20 SCFM vacuum flow with only 1 to 7 SCFM air consumption.

Featuring the same holding capability as conventional venturi vacuum pumps that require 80 to 100 psi air, ANVER Air-MiserTM MSMP-AM Series Vacuum Pumps consume less air for safer operation, run quieter, and are smaller. They measure only 3.78″L x 1.26″W x 98″H (96mm x 32mm x 24.9mm), include a 2.76″ tall x 2.76″W (70mm x 24mm) muffler and are offered with G to NPT adapters.

ANVER Air-MiserTM MSMP-AM Series Vacuum Pumps are priced according to model.

Literature and pricing are available upon request.

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