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Vacuum Generators Clog Resistant and Maintenance Free

A line of air-powered single-stage vacuum generators for use where vacuum is required on an intermittent basis or when a basic, low-cost, functional design is desired is available from ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER JB Series Single-Stage Vacuum Generators are versatile air-powered vacuum pumps which have no internal moving parts and can achieve vacuum levels to 27” Hg. Featuring a straight-through internal design that won’t clog easily and can be reverse blown to clear if necessary, they can be controlled by a manual or automatic valve on the compressed air line.

Easy to mount, ANVER JB Series Single-Stage Vacuum Generators have black anodized aluminum bodies, brass internal nozzles, and operate on 50 micron filtered, non-lubricated 72.5 psi air. Five standard sizes from 0.76 to 1.34 O.D. are offered and options include mufflers, control valves, four types of vacuum switches, gauges, suspension assemblies, and vacuum cups.

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