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Customized for Oversize Loads

ANVER Vacuum Lifters - Customized for Oversize Loads

Custom engineered, electric vacuum lifters for oversize loads, which feature a control module that monitors the vacuum pump operation in all systems, are being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Oversize Vacuum Lifters can be custom built for handling loads up to 60 ft. long per lift point and can be equipped with 20 or more vacuum pads. Featuring the VacGuard™ solid-state leakage sensor, warning, and control module, these lifters have a vacuum check valve and reservoir that turns on automatically in case of a leak and provides audio and visual status alarms.

Utilizing red and green lights to signal whether it is unsafe or safe to lift, ANVER Oversize Vacuum Lifers monitor the vacuum level utilizing the VacGuard™ control module which has timers and switches that turn the pump off and on at preset levels to maintain a safe level for lifting. These electric vacuum lifters can be built with capacities up to 40,000 lbs.

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