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Vacuum Lifter-Tilters Integrated with Air Balancer Systems

ANVER Vacuum Lifters-Tilters Intergrated with Air Balancer Systems

A full line of vacuum lifter-tilters that can be fully integrated with air balancer systems to provide a 100% duty cycle and virtually instantaneous attach and release is available from ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Air Balancer Systems are fully integrated vacuum lifter-tilters that are powered by compressed air and feature all operating controls within the ergonomic handles. Providing a 100% duty cycle with instant attach and release, these versatile systems have a vacuum reservoir and check valve, positive blow-off safety release, and two button operation for safety.

Available with capacities ranging from 200 to 1000 lbs. (91 to 454 kg), ANVER Air Balancer Systems utilize a standard frame that can be equipped with from one to eight cups and supplied as a lifter-tilter or lifter only, depending upon customer requirements. Powered by 90-125 psi air, they are designed for handling non- to semi-porous loads in high speed production applications.

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