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Mechanical Vacuum Lifter Operates from Any Hoist, Anywhere

Mechanical Vacuum Lifter Has No Hooks, Grabs or Magnets

A self-contained and self-powered vacuum lifter that requires no setup and no power lines, allowing it to be used virtually anywhere in a plant or at a job site, is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER Model M70S Mechanical Lifter is fully self-contained, self-powered, and controlled by the action of a hoist being raised and lowered, allowing it to operate virtually anywhere. Designed to be moved from hoist-to-hoist within a plant or on a job site, this 700 lbs. (318 kg) capacity vacuum lifter has all-welded steel construction and a bolt-on 14” (356 mm) dia. rubber vacuum cup.

Featuring a self-cycling valve and piston that creates a powerful suction when lowered from a crane onto a load, until the chain slackens completely and is raised again, the ANVER Model M70S Mechanical Lifter can handle stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and stone from the top without hooks, grabs, or magnets. Other models with capacities up to 15,000 lbs. (6804 kg) are offered.

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