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Suction Cups That Match The Vacuum Application

A new line of vacuum suction cups and interchangeable fittings that are offered in various styles and materials for specific applications is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Vacuum Suction Cups come in flat, single, and multi-bellows styles in sizes ranging from 5mm to 150mm dia. and various durometers. Featuring silicone cups molded from a clear, translucent compound that is FDA Title 21 approved and meets the German Specification of BGVV (BGA) Part XV, they are ideal for high temperature applications requiring cups without dyes.

Supplied in styles for all types of industrial applications, ANVER Vacuum Suction Cups are available in a wide range of elastomer compounds which are all metric and fully interchangeable with most European-made cups. A variety of fittings and suspensions suitable for product transfer, material handling, packaging, and printing applications are also offered.

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