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Miniature Vacuum Station is Powerful, Compact and Fully Integrated

Miniature Vacuum Station is Powerful, Compact and Fully Integrated


An air-powered, self-contained, miniature vacuum station that can be remotely controlled for a wide range of lifting, robotics, and veneering applications has been introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The Mitey-AirvacTM Air-Powered Vacuum Station is a compact vacuum station that features an internal check valve to maintain vacuum in case of a power loss, and a vacuum gauge to monitor manifold pressure. Fully integrated and packaged in a rugged aluminum case that weighs only 2 lbs.(0.9 kg), it operates on 72 psi air and achieves 26″Hg vacuum.

Measuring only 3.31″ x 3.66″ x 4.11″ (84 x 93 x 104 mm), the Mitey-AirvacTM Air-Powered Vacuum Station can be mounted in any orientation, and has ports for a remote vacuum release switch or valve. A face-mounted pushbutton for release/blow-off and quick release is optional. On a clean, smooth, non-porous material, it will hold vacuum for vacuum lifting devices.

Mitey-AirvacTM Air-Powered Vacuum Station Pricing Information and Literature is available upon request.

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