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Vacuum Sheet Lifters Feature Fully Adjustable Frames

ANVER Vacuum Powered Sheet Lifters with Fully Adjustable Frames

A new series of vacuum operated sheet lifters that are crane suspended for the horizontal handling of non-porous to semi-porous panels, sheet and plate has been introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER VP1-Series Vacuum Generators feature fully adjustable X-Y-Z frames with hand attachment knobs for easy positioning and can be equipped with a wide selection of crossbeams, crossarms and spring compensated vacuum pads. Built for operator comfort and safety, they have an ergonomic handlebar, front mounted controls and gauges for easy access and viewing, lights to indicate proper or declining vacuum levels, and a vacuum leakage alarm.

Available with a standard frame rated at 2,300 lb (1045 kg), or a heavy-duty frame rated at 4,600 pounds (2090 KEg), ANVER VP1-Series Vacuum Generators are offered with 1/4 HP oil-less vacuum pumps for high duty cycles. They operate on 115 VAC, and the motor has a thermal overload protector to prevent overheating, while an internal check valve and vacuum reservoir stop supply side vacuum loss in the event of a power failure. 

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