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Let One Person Handle Roll Goods

Vacuum Tube System with special pad attachment for lifting roll goods

A new pad attachment for their standard vacuum tube lifter that allows one person to handle soft roll goods from the top, without straps and blocking, has been introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.


The ANVER VT Series Vacuum Tube Lifter can be equipped with a special pad attachment made from lightweight ABS plastic with a dual foam seal that conforms to curved and irregular surfaces. Providing single-handed up and down control using a throttle built into the ergonomic control handle, this lifter and pad attachment allows one person to pick up bulky, soft roll goods from the top surface without requiring straps, hooks, and blocking.


Featuring stainless steel construction, the ANVER VT Series Vacuum Tube Lifter is powered by a quiet (70 dB) direct-drive pump and operates with a 100% duty cycle. Standard features include a conical head control valve that assures a smooth response and steady operation, a fine adjustment for properly balancing loads, and an easy to read vacuum gauge. A wide variety of standard and custom designed vacuum lifting pads are optionally available.

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