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Vacuum Pick-and-Place Components Allow Custom Fabrication Using Standard Parts

ANVER Cross Arm Suspension Assemblies for Pick-and-Place Systems

A wide variety of standard cross arm suspension bracket assemblies, suspension rods, vacuum suction cups, and fittings that simplify the design and fabrication of vacuum frames for pick-and-place systems are being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Cross Arm Suspension Assemblies include the major components required for machine builders and transfer system designers using vacuum for pick-and-place applications. Featuring a standard line of adjustable mounting brackets with nickel plated steel cross arms in several compatible sizes, the suspension assemblies include hanging rods, hundreds of suction cup varieties, and related vacuum fittings.

Allowing the construction of custom pick-and-place systems using standard components, ANVER Cross Arms come in 1¼”, 1½”, 1¾”, and 2” (32, 38, 44, and 51 mm) square sizes and varying lengths. Suspension rods are offered from 1.14” to 6.61” (30 to 168 mm) high, and hundreds of suction cups are available in sizes from 0.079 to 5” (2 mm to 127 mm) diameter, molded in many styles from a variety of materials.

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