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Vacuum-Hoist Lifter Loads Four 1-Gallon Cans At Once

A low-cost system for handling multiple 1-Gallon paint cans and similar products in loading stations or shipping departments, using low capacity cranes, is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VM-Series Lifter featuring a fully adjustable 4-Pad lifting attachment provides a simple way to load and unload four 1-Gallon paint cans and similar products, with a combined weight up to 275 lbs., simultaneously. Providing instant attach and release, this hoist integrated vacuum lifter operates up/down at speeds up to 100 FPM.

Designed for use with low capacity cranes, the ANVER VM-Series Lifter featuring an adjustable 4-Pad lifting attachment is a practical operator assist device where the expense of a manipulator cannot be justified. Standard features include a built-in hoist overload, vacuum gauge, and a check valve in case of a power loss.

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