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Pneumatic Vacuum Switch Controls Equipment and Saves Power

Pneumatic Vacuum Switch Controls Equipment and Saves Power

ANVER Corporation, a leader in vacuum handling technology, introduces a series of easily adjustable pneumatic and electronic vacuum switches for integration into vacuum robotics, automation and material handling systems.

The vacuum switches reduce pump and motor wear by shutting off systems at set vacuum levels with an easy to use, set-and-forget vacuum control adjustment knob. The barrel features graduation marks for visual reference of the vacuum setting. Both versions offer consistent vacuum on/off hysteresis control. The electric vacuum switch achieves 2” Hg while the pneumatic vacuum switch achieves ½” Hg hysteresis for extremely precise vacuum control. Designed to conserve air flow and energy, ANVER vacuum switches are adjustable, available in normally-open (N.O.) and normally-closed (N.C.) versions.

ANVER pneumatic vacuum switches are available in both N.O. and N.C. versions while ANVER electrical vacuum switches come equipped with a normally-open and normally-closed (SPDT) connection (max. contact current 5AMPs). Ideal pneumatic applications include vacuum air saver, valves, vacuum jet pumps, venturis, and air I/O controls while electric applications include relays, contactors, PLSC controllers, valves, and electrical I/O controls. Push-to-connect fittings on the pneumatic vacuum switches and industry standard ¼” spade terminals on the electric vacuum switches allow easy installation. The pneumatic vacuum switches can handle 15-120 psi on the control port. Threaded vacuum ports (M5 or 10-32 UNF) on each end allow for series of connections or a single vacuum line connection when the supplied threaded plug is inserted into the other end.

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