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Vacuum Pumps Powered by Compressed Air Mount Close to Pick-up Point

VR Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps

A full line of venturi vacuum pumps that can be mounted close to the load pick-up point for automation, robotics, packaging, printing, and general applications is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER VR Series Vacuum Pumps run on 72 psi compressed air and can be easily integrated into any type of vacuum cup mounting arrangement for providing suction at the load pick-up point. Featuring instant attach and only 1 ms release time, these pumps have no moving parts and can achieve a 26”Hg vacuum with only 0.74 to 1.27 scfm air consumption, depending upon size.

Ideal for all types of high speed equipment, ANVER VR Series Vacuum Pumps need only 1.2” or 1.4” (31 or 36 mm) space and can accommodate cups from 3/8” to 10” (9.5 to 254 mm) dia. Designed for use with one vacuum cup or with a manifold to pick up several items at once, or provide multiple pick up points for a larger load, they eliminate the need for master vacuum pumps and extensive plumbing.

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