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Rectangular Vacuum Cups Designed to Handle Narrow Loads

ANVER Rectangular Vacuum Cups Designed to Handle Narrow Loads

A new line of mid-sized rectangular flat urethane vacuum cups that are designed to handle large loads such as door panels, architectural pieces, beams, and counter tops is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

AnverFlex™ Mid-Sized Rectangular Flat Vacuum Cups are made from a long-wearing proprietary urethane blend which is bonded to machined aluminum hub that has pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes and a vacuum port. Featuring an inside sealing ring for added security, these flexible cups are non-marring as well suited for handling loads requiring a larger pick-up surface.

Available in standard sixes from 1.2″ W up to 7.2″ W (30 mm to 183 mm) and 10″ L to 20″ L (250 mm to 508 mm), AnverFlex™ Mid-Sized Rectangular Flat Vacuum Cups have a rated load capacity of 800 lbs. at 24″ Hg, when used in the horizontal plane, depending upon the size, load surface, and vacuum generating system. Custom sizes and shapes can also be manufactured.


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