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Vacuum Lifter Designed for Stacking Large Items

A new vacuum lifter that features an extended handle and fully adjustable suction pads for picking up large items from the side and stacking them is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VFP-57 Side Grip Vacuum Lifter is ideally suited for handling large containers and products from the side, rather than the top surface, and features a handle that extends from 36” to 60” and pivots for stacking. Adaptable to various loads, this lifter has arm extensions which can adjust along a beam and can be equipped with a wide range of vacuum suction pads.

Suitable for lifting tanks, vessels, and containers that cannot be lifted from the top due to obstructions or other structural considerations, the ANVER VFP-57 Side Grip Vacuum Lifter comes in capacities up to 2,500 lbs. and can be equipped with air or electric vacuum pumps. Standard features include handlebar controls, vacuum gauges, and audio-visual alarms.

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