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Vacuum Cup Suspensions Easily Matched to Load Specifications

ANVER Vacuum Cup Suspensions Easily Matched to Load Specifications

A full line of vacuum cup suspensions that come in a wide range of configurations and sizes for use in pick-and-place and other material handling systems is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Vacuum Cup Suspension Assemblies feature spring-loaded tubes which provide an easy way to interface the suction cup and vacuum lines to the machine tooling. Compensating for variations in object height and assuring consistent cup pressure with each pick-up, these spring-loaded suspensions absorb shock and help extend the life of rubber vacuum suction cups.

Allowing machine builders to meet demanding applications, ANVER Vacuum Cup Suspension Assemblies permit the use of flat cups for faster release and can mate with various types of fittings, ball swivels, vacuum generators, sensing valves, and related components. Tubes range from a few inches to several feet long and come in various O.D.s with stainless steel springs.

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