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Vacuum Cup Suspensions For High Speed Automation Equipment

ANVER Vacuum Cup Suspensions for High Speed Automation Equipment

A new line of non-rotating suspensions that lock each vacuum suction cup in place for precise positioning, especially oblong and rectangular types that tend to spin and disassemble at high speeds, is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Automation Vacuum Cup Suspensions are constructed from all stainless steel parts and once tightened will lock into position. Designed for high speed automation equipment using non-round suction cups that must retain their orientation, these suspensions will not rotate during operation.

Featuring spring-loaded tubes which provide an easy way to interface the suction cup to the vacuum lines, with compensation for variations in object height, ANVER Automation Vacuum Cup Suspensions come in 10 sizes from 1.14” (29mm) high to 6.61” (168mm) long with 0.20” (5mm) to 2.8” (70mm) travel.

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