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ANVER Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Features Articulating Pad Attachment

A fully integrated vacuum and hoist lifting system that can be equipped with easily customized pad attachments to solve special material handling problems has been introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VM Series Vacuum Lifting System is a fully integrated lifter that provides 27” (69 cm) Hg constant vacuum holding power and a variable speed electric chain hoist for precisely positioning loads up and down without float. Featuring a custom articulating pad attachment for handling awkward curved parts, this lifter is ideal for loading and unloading machinery.

Available with either an electric- or air-powered vacuum system, the ANVER VM Series Vacuum Lifter can incorporate customized pad attachments made from standard components for holding and tilting a wide range of products. Supplied in 250-, 500-, and 1,000 lb. (113-, 227-, 454 kg) capacity models, quick disconnects allow rapid pad attachment changes, making this lifter extremely versatile.

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