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Vacuum Lif
ter Handles Particleboard and Drywall

A heavy-duty vacuum lifter that lets one person handle large porous loads including particleboard, wood byproducts and drywall without the need for blocking, slings, and jigs is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, MA.

The ANVER VPE-3 Vacuum Lifter features a 5 HP motor that produces up to 24” Hg vacuum and is equipped with foam suction pads to handle rough, porous surfaces such as particleboard and drywall. Allowing one person to handle flat “wall-size” structures from the top, this below-the-hook lifter eliminates blocking, slings, custom jigs, and the potential for edge damage.

Suitable for prefabricated home builders, the ANVER VPE-3 Vacuum Lifter has a 20 ft. (6.0 m) long beam with adjustable cross beams and suction pads that can be positioned to accommodate, windows and other cut-outs. Standard features include an oil-free electric pump, pendant controls, vacuum gauges, reservoir and manifolds, and audio/visual safety indicators.

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