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Unit Handles Coils from the Top

A new vacuum pad attachment for their VT Series tube lifter that lets users handle coils from the top, rather than the hub, for direct loading onto a mandrel, is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The VT Series Coil Lifter features a contoured vacuum pad attachment with four multi-bellowed suction cups to accommodate variations in the surface of the material being handled. Developed for unloading coils from the top, rather than the hub, and then loading them onto a mandrel, this lifter is suitable for steel and plastic coils weighing up to 300 lbs. (136 kg).

Available in compressed air or electric powered models, the VT Series Coil Lifter provides a 100% duty cycle and has quick-connect couplings to let users change attachments for different types of loads. Standard features include adjustable up/down controls built into an ergonomic handle, vacuum gauges, and a wire-reinforced tube with a protective cover.

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