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Suction Cup Selection Guide

The Best Solution for Material Handling.
Vacuum suction cups can hold, lift or turn virtually any kind of material in the production process. The contact between a suction cup and the object to be handled is soft and light, and the technique is simple and safe.

Choosing the Right Suction Cup.
It is very important to choose the most appropriate type of vacuum suction cup, to obtain optimal results. ANVER has cups suitable for round, inclined, curved and irregular surfaces, and with our range of products you can find the best solution for every task.

The selection of a suction cup depends on particular conditions such as surface quality and structural stability of the work piece to be lifted and the desired material, shape, etc. of the suction cup. However, a simplified formula can be used to generate a theoretical estimate based on a few known values. The diameter of the suction cup can be determined using the following formula:


U.S. Units


D = Diameter in inches
a = Mass in lbs.
c = Number of cups
v = vacuum in inches of Hg
s = safety factor (at least 2)

Metric Units

  D = Diameter in mm
m = Mass in kg.
c = Number of cups
b = vacuum in bar
s = safety factor (at least 2)

A safety factor of at least 2 for horizontal lifts should always be used to compensate for numerous variables surrounding lifting applications while a safety factor of at least 4 should be used for vertical or tilting applications. A pull-off test should be performed at our factory to determine the absolute suction cup for your particular application. Contact one of our application engineers for more information.

The Widest Range of Cups.
You can find many types of vacuum suction cups, with different dimensions and forms, on our web site. Our technical department is at your disposal to consult in choosing the most suitable solution for your particular needs.

Advantages of ANVER Vacuum Suction Cups:

  • The widest selection

  • Different materials for various kinds of use

  • Various temperature resistance levels

  • Perfect adherence even in the presence of edges and angles