Air Powered Vacuum Lifters
Custom Made Vacuum Lifters


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Customized Air Powered Vacuum Lifters

Examples of Two Pad Lifters

Examples of Three Pad Lifters

Examples of Four (or more) Pad Inline Lifters

Examples of Four Pad Adjustable Crossarm Lifters

Examples of Six Pad Adjustable Crossarm Lifters

Examples of Eight Pad Adjustable Crossarm Lifters
Specialized Air Powered Vacuum Lifters


VPFL4-20-AIR with L30M0-20Y

VPF-57/20-AIR with L50M4-61-2/44XP



APU-101 with 76400415

APU-MTY-25 with Custom Pad Attachments

APU-101 with 76100407

APU-101 with 76100408

APU-101 with PS70B-NBR

APU-101 with PS90B-CR