Powered Vacuum Lifters
Air and Electric Powered Three Pad Lifters

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Three Pad Electric Powered Vacuum Lifters

VPE1-FD withL60M3L-110-OC

VPF-57-AC240 with L75M3-86

VPF-57-AC with L90M3-61FP

VPF-57HD-AC with L90M3-150FP

VPFL4 with L150M3-86FP

VPE1-FD with L150M3-110

VPF-57-AC with 76500329

VPF-57HD-AC with 76500347

VPF-57HD-AC with L300M3-110FP

VPF-57HD-AC with L420M3-110


Three Pad Air Powered Vacuum Lifters

VPFL4-AIR-T with PA90-3-48-3

VPF-57/20-AIR with L37.5M3-110OC

VPF-57/20-AIR with L60M3-61-OC

VPF-57/20-AIR with L60M3-86OC

VPF-57/20-AIR with L75M3-48

VPF-57/30-AIR with L90M3-61FP

VPF-57/20-AIR with L90M3-86FP

VPF-57/30HD-AIR with L300M3-61FP